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I M P O R T A N T   F A Q ' S / C O N T A C T  U S

Please read this information prior to ordering a custom or contacting us...all the answers to your questions just might already be here!

Can I make a request?
Of course! Most of our favorites come from fan requests and we encourage your input.  Please understand there is a difference between making a request and commissioning a custom video. Requests that fit within our scope of filming are welcome, however, there is no guarantee that it will be filmed. Also, it may be many months before a request is filmed as custom videos receive first priority (and we have a heavy custom order list). There will be no personalization with a request and we may use the "general" idea rather than  something specific.  If you have a general request or an idea, please use our contact form here. 

How do I pay for a custom video?


Payment is accomplished through PayPal (International clients) invoice or Google Pay. PayPal will carry an additional 5% to cover their "transaction fee". Once agreed amount is received, we will place your request on the production schedule. Turn around time is dependent upon current back log, model schedule, and may fluctuate from week to week. A 3-6 week delivery, with a caveat of plus or minus 7 days, depending on current workload, is the standard. Opportunity to shoot (location, prop availability, schedule) may also play a role and could push the delivery out as well. All customs are first come, first served order. Once the clip is finished (editing and post production), you will receive a link via email for a direct download.

How much do custom videos cost?


We are not cheap. High production quality custom videos START at $300 for 10 minutes minimum. Pricing varies depending on complexity of shoot, additional models, post production and editing. Any props requested, including wardrobe, will be supplied at customer’s own cost if we do not have the item/s already. Payment for customs and requested props are due up front. This reserves the time for creating, executing and delivering the requested clip.

Will my custom video be sold on your site?


Yes, all videos will be sold on BlowUp Girls main Clips4Sale site. If you do not wish to have your custom video for resale, there will be an additional exclusivity fee (starts at $250). Please detail this in your request if you wish the clip to be exclusive. 

What do you film?
In BlowUp Girls, we cater specifically to inflation fantasties, growth fetish and looner lovers. In our sister studio, Naughty Dragon Studios, we film many types of fetish and kink.  We are always up to try something new, however, we will not film anything involving, but not limited to, bestiality, animal cruelty, underage, scat or urination.  Each of our models has her own set of limits in terms of nudity and activities they perform on video. 


Can I get some behind the scenes action?


Photo sets (posed stills) from the video shoot at 10 photos for $35 and/or a variety of behind-the-scenes photos for $25 are available. 2-3 minute personalized video on location of your clip shoot by all models involved (using your name) at $50. All high resolution and sent to your email within 24-48 from shoot wrap.


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