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O R D E R   Y O U R   F A N T A S Y

We, at BlowUp Girls, pride ourselves on creating professional, highly produced content born out of a special collaboration between the studio and the customer. We strive to bring to life the fetish fantasy that, up until our partnership, only resided in imagination. Our fulfillment in what we do is delivering a high quality, highly produced scene that fans can own and enjoy over and over again! and we continue to be the ONLY studio featuring real-time inflation.

As such, we are not cheap. Custom videos START at $300 for 10 minute minimum. Additional items that will affect the total amount:  complexity of shoot, logistics, additional models, post production, sfx, number of body parts requested for inflation and editing. Any props requested, including wardrobe, will be supplied at customer’s own cost if we do not have the item/s already. Payment for customs and requested props are due up front. This secures your spot on the production list and sets the intricate clip making process in motion.

Although this is a collaborative process, we do reserve the right to take creative license in an effort to produce a clip with maximum marketability while keeping true to the spirit of the request. This, of course, will be discussed up front and with mutual agreement. Additional fees may be incurred if  subject matter is deemed highly specific to a fringe kink or fetish.  You will also receive frequent updates, as they develop, on the progress of your clip as it moves through the production process.

Payment is accomplished through PayPal (international) or Google Pay (US). All PayPal orders will carry an additional 5% to cover their "transaction fee".


When the video is complete, you will receive a private link for download via free file sharing service WeTransfer. Turn around time is dependent upon current back log and may fluctuate from week to week. A 3-6 week caveat of plus or minus 7 days, depending on current workload and model availability, is the standard. Opportunity to shoot (location, prop availability, model's schedule) may also play a role and could push the delivery out as well. Please understand we work with highly sought out models so their availability is a huge factor in delivery time. All customs are first come, first served order. 

Additional items for purchase -

- (x10) behind-the-scenes photos from your video shoot at $25.

- (x10) posed stills from your video shoot at $35.

- 2-3 minute personalized video (using your name) on location of your clip by the participating model/s at $50


All photos are high resolution and sent directly to your email 24-48 hours after your custom shoot wraps.


So, go ahead. We want to hear what you have in mind! 

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